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Installation and maintenance services for shutdown periods

Proactive maintenance for securing productivity

Another offering of INOXia is to provide industrial maintenance services from short shutdowns to longer time window projects. 

We are specialized to service, repair or replace all kind of moving and rolling devices and as rolls, bearings, gearboxes, linings and feeding screws.

We can offer the service also as "turn-key" projects. For example, replacing drive motor and/or gearboxes can be offered also as
a project according to the customer needs.
If needed, we can include the mechanical designing, parts manufacturing, installation, concrete casting, and provide all that as "turn-key" project. 

Also, our offering covers various types of repair and pipe welding services, especially for stainless and acid proof steel.

Our personnel have required certificates for the most common steel qualities and thicknesses. 

If you are interested of our services or have any questions, please contact us by using buttons below:

Pasi Ahonen

Head Of Operations

Tel: +358 40 531 7035

Sauli Arvonen

Installation Manager

Tel: +358 40 7646285

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