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Safety projects

Safety audits and improvements

INOXia offers safety improvement services as "turn-key" projects for industrial plants and production lines.

Safety improvment project usually begins with audit of the target. We offer audit service that produces a report of neglects or violations of safety regulations, including the required actions to fixing the issues.

Based on the report, we create together with customer an implementation plan for fixing the issues. Based on the plan, we design and manufacture required parts and equipment.

As final step, our professionals handle the required installation and modification work on the customer site.

Typical safety projects for us have been safety fences, walkways, handrails, nip guards, stairs and different service beams and supports etc.

Why invest to safety improvements?

Safety is getting more and more important factor of the workplace and "zero incident" goal is quite common nowadays.

Safe working environment increases staff morale, reduces incidents and absences from work.

Safety issues in workers own environment are often not recognized before until the incident happens. INOXia professionals can help to recognize the safety issues, offering all required tasks from audit to implementation.

For more information, please contact:

Pasi Ahonen

Head Of Operations

Tel: +358 40 531 7035

Sauli Arvonen

Installation Manager

Tel: +358 40 7646285

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